This is the beginning of something great! 

Welcome to the Spiritual Gate. We are building a platform that hasn’t been there before.

We hold the vision of creating an opportunity for lightworker to become visible for those who need support in their personal and spiritual business life.
And a platform for those who are looking out for a spiritual guide who they can trust.

We are different from other platforms because we testify each member before we publish their profile, to make sure we hold up a quality space with reliable information and a trustworthy space of love and growth.

What exactly makes the difference? 

We personally contact future members to study and investigate their work by transparent criteria and assign our trust partner logo to their personal website.
Furthermore, we offer a platform where clients can rate their experience with their chosen medium or lightworker, which again helps future clients to have a transparent idea what to expect when they seek contact to one of our members.

You offer lightwork and spiritual life coaching of any kind and want to become part of a special network?
Join us on this journey and help us start something unique and outstanding.

What to expect as a user?

  • As someone who's looking for legit energy work, you've found the perfect spot
  • we only present lightworkers and coaches to you, we would (or do) consult as well
  • we will offer you interesting information about certain methods and energy work in general, once the website is fully set up.
  • you will have the opportunity to give feedback about our members after a session, which helps other users to evaluate our members

What to expect as a free member?

  • higher visibility online - thereby more potential clients
  • benefit from the partaking and exchange in a large positive network
  • we treat all our members with love and respect
  • every member that has been approved receives our trust partner logo.
  • we offer you coaching, and professional technical support to improve your business
  • you get a standard profile with a profile picture, a text field and a contact form which delivers requests directly into your email account
  • you deliver the text for your profile (we offer a guide line, which helps you writing it - we don't allow duplicated content)
  • administration of  your member request takes approximately 3 weeks

What to expect as a gold member?

  • as a gold member you get all the support a free member gets too. PLUS:
  • your profile gets highlighted as gold member profile on the front page and on the sides of the other pages
  • the gold profile offers, besides the standards, the upload of picture galleries and videos, download options for your clients (flyers, etc.)
  • you offer your work in multible languages? Gold members can choose multible languages and reach more clients this way.
  • you can publish posts in our blog, sharing valuable information on your work and philosophy helps you attract more clients
  • as a gold member you pay a reduced hourly rate when you book extra coaching sessions with us
  • administration of your member request only takes approximately 4 days

Any questions?

Contact us here

With love from Germany
Jürgen und Fillandra

Who we are

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